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Our company

We deliver operational excellence in contract logistics and
distribution by building strong customer relationships, gained by our
ability to listen, understand and respond to their needs.


At Valdec LTD our vision is to work together to build the most innovative, effective and respected logistics company. To achieve this we make it our mission to ensure our customer’s business are made better every day and it is our closely-held values of excellence, integrity, passion, proactivity, togetherness and trust that will allow us to realise our ambitions.

Together we build the most innovative, effective and respected logistics company.

In an industry where gender balance is unequal we are engaged in a number of activities, such as focused recruitment and development, to ensure that we address this imbalance and promote equal opportunities. We are delighted that one of our female warehouse team managers was selected as a finalist for the FTA Everywoman in Transport and Logistics annual awards.

Central to this is the open and positive working culture we embrace at Valdec LTD.  We carry out an annual staff engagement survey, which is closely scrutinised to develop a series of actions to work on the following year.


During 2015 / 16, the Group updated its environment strategy to identify an action plan designed to deliver the Group’s goal of ‘a safe and sustainable environment for all’. Execution of the action plan will continue to build our reputation for delivering environmentally sustainable logistics through a focus on operational excellence and innovative product leadership. For our customers we know that a well managed supply chain plays a key role in mitigating their impact on the environment. The Group therefore has an important part to play in helping customers achieve their wider environmental goals. The Group supports customers by identifying efficiencies, promoting collaborative working and by offering significant expertise and experience in managing environmentally sustainable logistics.


Internally, we actively encourage ideas and input from across the business, recognising the latent potential of our colleagues as potential innovators. And it’s not just our staff: Valdec LTD often works with suppliers to create innovative solutions that drive us towards the collaborative supply chain of the future. For example, significant progress has been made in developing intellectual property in our IT systems for warehouse management, e-fulfilment and home delivery. These market-leading solutions have been developed from our thorough understanding of supply chain challenges and enable us to provide customers with greater speed to market, cost-efficiency and visibility on integrated platform.

We keep abreast of all engineering advances in both transport and logistics, getting involved where we can to offer our experience and expertise. We ensure that supply chains are as efficient and cost-effective as possible, taking issues such as fuel prices and finding new, innovative ways of adding value extremely seriously. 

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