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Wincanton is one of the UK and Ireland’s largest and most diverse tanker operators.
Having started out transporting milk in 1925 we now maintain a fleet of over 100 tankers.


Tanker equipment and innovation

We currently have 250 trained drivers to handle food products, 230 bulk food grade tankers, 60 powder tankers, 500 ADR tankers, 450+ ADR trained drivers and manage over 700,000 bulk deliveries each year.

Wincanton continues to innovate in this market to reduce environmental impact and has introduced aerodynamic tankers into our petroleum fleet, increasing fuel efficiency by 5%. To further aid sustainability our vehicles are fitted with telemetry allowing us to manage and improve fuel consumption.

5 guinness beer tanker truck dublin

Health and safety leadership

Health and safety is our top priority which is why we have a dedicated health and safety team, with customer-specific training. This is supported by our fully qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSA) and fleet engineering service. Wincanton also carries out regular internal audits, to ensure that our standards meet industry regulations. We also have long term relationships with the leading industry suppliers of hazardous goods, demonstrating our commitment to delivering the best service standards in this crucial sector.